HGH Therapy

TRT and HGH therapy improve patients’ recovery and build stronger, thinner muscles more quickly.

When the brain releases Growth Hormone into the bloodstream, it travels through the vascular system where it ends up in the liver. There it is processed and converted into IGF-1.

IGF-1 is a protein. It is in charge of stimulating the regeneration and development of healthy cells and tissue. This happens throughout the body as needed.

The quality of a muscle obtained from the introduction of IGF-1 (converted HGH), is a tougher, more rigid and efficient type muscle. This is the reason hormone specialists typically recommend a combination therapy.

Patients on testosterone understand that ‘solely’ focusing on this form of therapy to achieve larger muscles, end up with lackluster results. Yes, testosterone therapy helps enlarge muscles and improves the participant’s strength. However, muscle growth and expansion from only a testosterone regimen typically produces a less rigid muscle. It’s also important to note that, in this case, muscle size is mainly a result of high water retention in the cells.

Testosterone Therapy for men